Our Process

The Flexible Residential platform plays an integral role in the acquisition and underwriting phase of each Flexible Company investment by providing critical financial data and feasibility studies to assist with investment decisions. Prior to acquiring each asset, our team delivers a comprehensive site assessment, detailed budget and scope recommendation. Upon closing, we manage all hold-period repositioning efforts including all phases of design, construction and administrative tasks.

Areas of Oversight




  • Concept Planning
  • Unit Interiors
  • Common Areas
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Community Branding/Re-Branding
  • Adaptive Reuse Strategies
  • Detailed Budget Development
  • Architectural/Structural/Civil Review
  • Project/Field Management
  • Cost Control Via Preferred Suppliers
  • Green Initiatives
  • Sourcing Competitive Construction Financing
  • Entitlements
  • Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Value Engineering
  • Governmental Approvals
  • ADA/Code Compliance


Attention to Every Detail

Thorough planning and informed design are the foundation of our communities. At the start of each project we look for opportunities to add value to the real estate, and execute in a way that is both cost-effective and enriches the lives of our residents. Our construction and design efforts coordinate throughout all phases of each project, and include design upgrades, the addition of community amenities, improvements in traffic patterns, and branding efforts to re-introduce each property into the market with a bold, new presence.

“We build it or fix it like we’ll own it forever.”
— Ryan Hall, Asset Management


Committed to Sustainability

All of our materials are carefully sourced to strike a balance between economic feasibility, cosmetic appeal and durability. Once sourced, we purchase items in bulk to ensure minimal costs, which leave room in the budget to give our communities a competitive advantage through superior options.



We are tremendously fortunate to work in, and become part of, so many vibrant and unique communities. With each opportunity, we give back by listening to the needs of residents and working closely with local officials to improve properties in ways that maintain the beauty and cultural integrity that exist.



Flexible Residential is committed to embracing new and existing green initiatives that are both equitable and help minimize our environmental footprint. Comprehensive checklists provided to each department ensure that we do our part to conserve water, increase energy efficiency, participate in recycling programs, and continue to use responsible products at every stage of construction.